New high cattle prices.

A fellow basketball player shared with me they sold a heavy weigh up cow for $79 cwt. That’s pretty good for a cow just shy of 1900 lbs. I decided it was time to sell a couple of girls that were ready to go. During the sale, the person next to me stated that a few days earlier in Basset, a fat cow brought $89 cwt, a new all time high for that barn. Well, I tried to curb my enthusiasm. I was happy to hear the asking bid at $84. The opening bid started at $80 and closed at $86 cwt. A new all time high for myself. These girls were in a fat n fleshy condition, just like the buyers wanted. I grossed as much as a springing heifer just a year earlier, and more than my fat steers two years prior. I should have sold three cows instead of two.


About aldersonangus

Alderson Angus is a family cattle operation. Angus sired cattle are sold as finished fat cattle on the grid as age/source verified. A top cut of Bulls are available for sale from a group of calves that graded 30% Prime (>95% Choice).
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