Alderson Angus Cover Letter

I appreciate the interest you in have in our cattle. Our operation has been working to develop grass and fences, which is a constant challenge, something I’m sure you share. I wish to provide some carcass information. The calves not kept for breeding stock graded 36% Prime in November of 2010. In 2009, all graded choice, Prime was around 20%. In 2008, over 90% graded choice, and Prime was 36%. The industry average for Prime is around 3%.  As you notice, the marbling genetics are firmly present in our herd. Continuing with this strength, I additionally put emphasis on selecting from maternal lines of cattle, with lower birth weights, attempting not to sacrifice the marbling.


About aldersonangus

Alderson Angus is a family cattle operation. Angus sired cattle are sold as finished fat cattle on the grid as age/source verified. A top cut of Bulls are available for sale from a group of calves that graded 30% Prime (>95% Choice).
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