Father’s Day

Father’s Day

As a father, having a big fuss over you on Father’s Day seems embarassing. In your mind you do not stack up to the memories of your father and grandfathers.

When your father has died it is not easy to remember. I can recall the day my father died on April 11 a couple of years past. I find it easier to take a John Wayne tough guy approach, recall my father and grandfathers, without reflecting too deeply.

Towards my father’s later years, a day came around where we just naturally would go to Husker Days in Grand Island and spend the day together. Nothing too philosophical was discussed, but a day was spent where we had to be totally in each others company for an entire day. A big accomplishment for men. When 9-11 occurred I was spending the day with my father.

I have never gone to Husker Harvest Days without my father, thus I have not gone since my father has died. I did not ponder this too greatly until recently in a casual conversation it was mentioned by a friend her husband had not gone to Husker Days. If I recall correctly, he went every year like I did.

My friend has similiar circumstances. We are close in age, grew up on farms, went to Husker Harvest Days with our fathers and recently both our fathers had died even though neither had truly retired.

The fact he had not gone to Husker Harvest Days as myself, forced me to reflect, John Wayne or not. A hard thing to do, is deciding whether to upload this post or not. I believe I am not unique, most farm sons probably share similar situations. So I will share this.


Here is the last photo I have of my Father Wes and myself at Husker Harvest Days.

It would be remiss of me of not to conclude on a happier thought. The purest, greatest thing to happen to me was becoming a father. Thank you to my wife Jill for accomplishing this.


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Alderson Angus is a family cattle operation. Angus sired cattle are sold as finished fat cattle on the grid as age/source verified. A top cut of Bulls are available for sale from a group of calves that graded 30% Prime (>95% Choice).
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